Butterfly watching!!!!

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This Saturday, July 7, join the Vashon portion of the 2012 Annual North American Butterfly Association Butterfly Count!  
Meet at 10 am in the Park'n'Ride by Country Store.  If the day is sunny from the start, we should be able to find butterflies already on the wing, so please be there by 10, and we'll head for the pond area by 10:10 after people have had a chance to sign in. NABA asks for $3 per counter as a donation to help cover costs.  If you want to receive a count report giving nation-wide results (and several provinces of Canada and mexico) that's an additional $7. Rayna Holtz will email out results for Vashon, and bring copies of our Vashon Counts from 1996 to 2011 on the count day.
Remember to bring a sack lunch, sun protection, beverage, sturdy comfortable footwear, a butterfly net if you have one, and layers of clothes so you can be warm in the morning and shed sweaters as the day warms.  And bring a camera, and maybe binoculars if you have a pair that can focus up to 5 or 6 feet.  Sometimes we can watch butterflies without disturbing them, just by using binoculars.
Rayna is a diehard and will count until 7:30 or 8pm, but you can drop out whenever you want to. No offense will be taken!! Usually only a handful stick with it (sometimes just one or two) till the end.
GARDEN WATCHERS NEEDED!  If you don't have time, health or energy sufficient to walk, we need garden watchers too. The idea of back yard counting is to go outside and roam your yard or neighborhood at least once for an hour or so, or multiple times if you are able, and count all the individuals you see. Email VNC your complete list including quantity and species (record each time you went out separately) and we will pass it along to Rayna who is coordinating this effort.
For further questions contact Rayna Holtz 463-3153.
Thanks and hope to see you out there!

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