Orcas having fun off Vashon shores

by Bianca Perla on October 29, 2011 0 Comments


October 28th, brought many (members of  all J,K and L pods)  resident Orcas to Vashon's shores.  At our best viewing point off Pt. Robinson we got 2 close passes by this large group as they were cavorting around sometimes within 20 feet of shore. This was the largest congregation seen in years with around 80 whales socializing together. 

Harbor seals were popping up very close to shore looking a little nervous (even though these are the salmon eating Orcas) and we saw many salmon jumping out of the water as well (probably chum but hard to tell). It was an amazing sight. 

Here is some not so polished video of the whales coming through on their second pass by Pt. Robinson around 3:45:


Check out the Vashon Nature Center webpage for more video and photos I ...

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Children's books about Nature

by Bianca Perla on October 6, 2011 2 Comments


Stories, at their root, are a form of exploration. We use them to live vicariously. They teach not only through the intellect but by opening up our emotional channels. They make us receptive to their message by entertaining us. Stories integrate our emotions, our imagination, and our reason as they guide us on the journey to their message.  This is why stories are so powerful. Done well, their message imprints in us because it speaks to and engages all our human faculties at once.  For this reason stories are powerful teaching tools. And good storytellers are powerful teachers.

Books can be an incredibly effective and enjoyable tool in cultivating your child’s awareness of nature and in starting your exploration of the natural world together. Almost every children’s book out there contains animals or something about nature in it. But not all books about nature ...

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Naturalist highlight of the week archive

by Bianca Perla on October 5, 2011 0 Comments


Every week (or more realistically, when time allows) Vashon Nature Center, LLC posts a Naturalist Highlight of the Week on the Community page of the website.

These highlights share information about local naturalists or programs that offer educational opportunities to community members about island wildlife, plants and ecosystems.

When the highlights are changed I will post the old highlights in this section of the blog so that the information about these great people and programs can continue to be accessed.

Below are the 3 Naturalist Highlights of the “week” that have been posted since this website was created in July (obviously weeks are in island time!) :


Have you ever wanted to know more about all the life you see as you walk Vashon’s beaches? Check out this great set of educational videos about life in our ...

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Wildlife summary for September

by Bianca Perla on October 4, 2011 0 Comments


September was a great wildlife month for us on the Islands.  Maybe it was that short but lovely Indian summer we had, maybe it was just a lucky year, but we had lots of wild visitors.

Let’s start with the predators! We had a few visits from transient Orcas at the end of August (around 30 transients on the 26th) and a few days in early September (10, 11th, 3-4 transients). Transient Orcas eat seals, sea lions, dolphins and small whales. Puget Sound Harbor seals tend to have pups in August and this may be why transients are attracted to our waters in late summer and early fall.

Orca Network posted regular reports of J, K and L pod resident Orca activity in the Sound throughout the month but they seemed to stay north of us. Maybe they didn’t want to ...

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